Gallery Shelley Martin: Paper Sculpture Artistry from the Mendocino Coast


Propeller -- photo by Sienna M Potts -- artwork © Shelley Martin

A friend of mine had an old rusted propeller lying around and I just loved the shape. This piece, about 23" x 16" x 17, " is made of several stacked layers that have been painted white and covered with iridescent full and half marbles, sequins, and metal washers. The propeller sits in a metal base that was part of an old gear; the sphere, covered with marbles, is sitting atop 2 CDs, and the whole piece is topped by two smaller spheres, a transparent one with a blue marble inside and a silver one that rests on the very top. Most of my pieces celebrate the feminine. This is a classic example of the transformation into the feminine of things that are usually associated with the masculine, for example, gears, pulleys, and propellers.

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