Gallery Shelley Martin: Paper Sculpture Artistry from the Mendocino Coast
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Shelley Martin working in her studio: photo by Sienna M Potts July 24, 2011

About Me

Welcome to my gallery and thank you for your curiosity!

As you can see from my work, I seem to follow one art form obsessively for a while, change course, and follow another. After a long and fulfilling career at UC Berkeley, I am now able to devote more time to creating (and destroying) my art, and follow yet another course -- that of paper sculpture.

After the death of my husband, Bill Martin (, I felt torn apart and without purpose. I started making paper sculptures by tearing pieces of paper, gluing them together, and reforming them in strange ways. I didn't realize that this process was a metaphor for my life until I was well into it. And, after getting into the process, I am seeing unique and compelling ways to use paper and paint.

I usually start with an idea and end up with something completely different than I had imagined. Now, knowing and trusting that the creative process has a life of its own, I just follow "directions."

I live and work on the Mendocino Coast, where I have a home, studio and gallery. Most of my sales are commissioned pieces to patrons, designers and architects.

I will be posting new pieces as they evolve and I look forward to your comments and thoughts about my work.

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